Hello hello! I’m Abby.

I’m the resident photographer around here. I see my job as preserving and collecting your memories. Forming relationships is the best part of what I do.

I’m here to take the reins of our session so you can have fun and let loose. My photography style makes you the star of the shoot. By framing you among the settings, people, and items you love, your personality will shine from the inside out. Connecting with you during your on-site photography session makes this the best job in the world.

My favorite things are comfy socks, apple cider (we say no to pumpkin spice around here!), and reality TV. Armed with my camera bag full of Nikons and snacks, taking photos that embody who you are is what I do.

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I believe that the best photos happen when you have fun and let loose. Say goodbye to hard-to-get photos. We’re about to make some memories you’ll never forget.
— Abby
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Here’s the lowdown about me:

  • I’m a fiery redhead with a spunky, sarcastic attitude. If you’re not laughing by the end of our session, I didn’t do my job right!

  • I had my daughter at the young age of 16, which meant facing the challenges of adulthood a bit earlier than expected. But no regrets— I’m so glad those days led me here. After I took my own maternity photos and began documenting her life, I discovered my creative calling when clients started asking me to take their photos. This is when I decided the only day job for me was capturing photos for clients and their loved ones.

  • After tons of free sessions, workshops, and a lot of saving to get my equipment, Sparrow & Laine (formerly Abby Marie Photography) became a legal small business in 2015. We’re now a full-time photography studio.

  • Born in Minnesota, I’ve been a proud Wisconsinite for the past 6 years.

  • I’m married to the love of my life Jeremy. Our little family includes my daughter Hadley, stepson Tyler, our two dogs Milo and Boondock, and Alexa (a.k.a., my lifeline).

  • Some of my favorite things: Mexican food, Vintage Horror Flicks, Mario Kart, Coloring, Peonies, and Lists (Can you tell?)

  • What I’m working on: Rolling out Boudoir photography and a full-service studio (watch this space in 2019!)

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What to expect during our sessions:

  • A whole lotta fun.

  • Laughter.

  • In-the-moment styling.

  • Lasting relationships.

  • Timeless photos that mark special moments in your life.